Lahore Smart City ( Master Plan )

Lahore Smart City is a national model for sustainable development. The idea of a “Smart City” is based on a complete urban management model that promotes both best practices for inclusion and participation and global standards of efficiency and control. LSC uses and utilizes contemporary technology to improve the dependability of the smart city’s operations while offering its citizens sustainable alternatives. The standard residential block, financial plaza, overseas block, education district, healthcare district, sports district, silicon valley, and executive block would all be present in LSC, just like Capital Smart city.

A Singapore-based consulting company called Surbana Jurong (SJ) created the first version of the Lahore Smart City planning process, and Norman Foster is the program’s designer. SJ has successfully implemented the concept of development from Europe in the development of this massive Project. Based on density, it provides a wide range of housing choices. 20,000 Kanals of land make up the (LSC) Lahore Smart City in total. Initial residential-only construction by the administration was limited to the Executive and overseas blocks.

Lahore Smart City Master Plan
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